Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FIF : Fat Is Fabulous ! - round one -

Last week back, a friend of mine had the most splendid idea of making a photo session with models;

I know you’ll probably yawn and say;

  "that’s not something new."

It's so common in KL right now. 

Correction, what we usually see would be usual skinny-to-the-bones models .

Now, what makes this photo-shoot so special and different is, 
this photo-shoot was only for PLUS SIZE models.  

Yes, it’s the FAT IS FAB photo-shoot session.

Mastermind behind this? It was socialite Zlwin Chew idea and the official studio  photographer for Fat is Fab was Chan Chee Keen,founder of CK Chan Photography with photographer Aaron Foo, Angus Tan and Nelson Teon.

Meeting the models in person, I was happy and I really give them the credits for having the confident to pose for us and not camera shy. Well done, girls!

Sneak pictures for your satisfaction;

Group pictures of the photographers and models.

Aaron Foo Photography for FIF :
Model : Vivien Chin

Model : Bella Juhari

Model : Jessica Sng

Model : Andy Darrel Gomez

Model : Casey Low

Model : Laily Ngalim
Model : Casey Low

Model : Bella Juhari

Model : Crystele Leong

and not forgetting, yours truly, Zlwin Chew. ;)

Model : Jessica Syn & Zlwin Chew

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