Monday, May 02, 2011

SiFe : The Candy Factory Fashion Show

Clueless again .. not sure how to start my previous week on the Fashion show at Maison.

Back then i mention about being a model wear for 3 different designer wears from Bangsar. 2 out of 3 of the boutique designers picked jumpsuits on  me when i think i'll look really ridiculously ridiculous in it. 

Heck, comes from a person who doesn't wear jumpsuits her whole 23 years of her life. 

Like duh?

Well, lucky me one of the jumpsuits were pretty small and we picked a cute polka dots summer dress.  

Pictures of the dress / jumpsuits tryouts ;

i like this the most ( i confess! )

On the day of the Fashion show itself; venue was located at Maison club at Heritage Row. I had an awful experience with the hair stylist was being ridiculous wanting to tied my hair up. 

Hello, my hair is effing short. How on earth are you gonna do it? 

Then she started to hair spray my whole head with simple bow-dry on my hair! It couldn't stay long and i had to finally do my own hair by using her flat iron. 

I was very considerate, people. There was only 1 hair stylist and 25 models? 

She was super slow and time was running out. 

Oh, had a hard time with some of the models.  Never mind the students/newbie ( i know you girls are nervous ) which participates but for the ones who does modelling and runway before? Hello! *points out the the Kazakhstan girls*

Dont be so bloody snobbish and help out a little bit, will you?!

middle fingers for you, bitches.
(taken during rehearsal time)

Our choreographer bailed out last minute and i was happy enough to lend some of my runway experience  with  the  team. 

Oh, here's the polka dot dress. I know, 
i look like an aunt in this. 

Lucky enough, the show went smoothly and and cheers to the organizers! Good work to the whole team and models. :)

Hey you, sexay .;)

Like my neon lime green jumpsuit? 

with the model for finale show.

Thanks for coming and kudo's to everyone!! 

Imma signing out. Peace.

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