Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Penang Trip - Day 1

My first time trip to Penang ! Aside from the bad crowd of party people which i still horrified over the way they party.

Food are to kill for and lovely beaches! I pretty much liked the place.

Kelvin picked darling and i up from our place and we started our journey at 9pm. Had a pit stop at Sg.Buloh R&R Bridge for Haji Samuri's Satay Kajang for dinner.

we both wore WHITE T's!

We reached Penang within 3 hours and our friends who reached Penang a day earlier had planned to party at Mois Club, Penang.

The moment we arrived at the club, they have started a dance competition called Sexy Dance Competition which whoever wins walks away with RM888 and a chance to win RM30K for the finals.

So, i watched. 

First girl, did the whole hand in the air up like Beyonce spinning around the whole time. Dont you get dizzy doing that?

2nd chick, a blonde hairstylist. Did the whole bend on the floor which looks like squatting 'washing her vagina' dance.

3rd chick  ( the winner ) ,  the typical seafood girl dressing skimpy outfit showing her bloated tummy off. She requested for PCD's Buttons and every movement she did was from the MV itself. It was bloody obvious she practiced it for a long time before participating the show. 

Guess what happens after she won? She was brought up to the DJ console. Best part comes here,she couldn't dance at all. 
All she did was spreading her legs wide in the open for guys to eat up her pussy off to everyone with the gesture 


and crawling all over the place .

4th chick was my favorite, although she was different than the other girls, not because she was slightly plump while the others were skinny sticks. She could really dance to Lady Gaga's beats without breaking a sweat and she didn't do any slutty moves like the others. That is what I call a winner. Oh, did i mentioned she just wore casually? No skimpy outfits on her!

5th chick, EPIC FAIL. She couldn't speak English at all. Pretty face. I dont know what the fuck she did and how i could explain her dance.

4 out of the 5 chicks did the whole Paris Hilton's LEFT leg never met the RIGHT leg. You should get what i'm trying to say right?

Heck, a dance competition became who dress the skimpiest.

The MC was so bloody LAME! 
Oh wait, you fancy those girls.. No wonder. 
Go stick to your SEAFOOD girls then and you shouldn't have shown your bloody attitude to me, fuck face.  

You should have seen your own face. An utter shock expression of yours was PRICELESS! 
I just love the look on your bloody face! It was so PRICELESS!

Here's an advice for you; with that bloody attitude of yours. You'll never make it far. EVER. Just stay in Penang for the rest of your rotting years.

After our night entertainment session, Jason brought us to a nearby restaurant for supper. First Penang food in my mouth!

Penang style Prawn Mee
Loh Mee ( I have not tried this b4. Its yummy! )

This should end my first night in Penang. More to come tomorrow ! :)

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