Monday, May 02, 2011

The Blonde Experience - Late Entry

Been super forgetful bout posting The Wella Trend Vision 2011 . 

Getting a overall hairdo which cost a whopping 2 grand. Woots. It was a good experience as the David Mercier was able to handle my blonde ditsy-ness the whole time. Ops. 

Picture story time. :)

location to be at. *Opens her eyes really BIG*
Beloved husband and i almost got lost finding the place on the first day and i thought i was LATE! Well, i arrived at 3.40pm. 
Casting at 4pm. 

Daren arrived 10 mins later with Steffie.

See, we're early! 

The casting interviews. 
Some of the models are ridiculous asking not to have their hair to be cut.

Meet a new friend, Nicole. She's super tall. 

Steffie and I were selected. Time for food!

This woman wore high heel till her feet couldnt take it anymore. 
Walked to Sg.Wang to buy her slipper.

Steffie's puppy face. 1st day of preparation. Her hair is red. 
Guess what color they did on her again?

I'm getting a haircut from David Mercier! Yay!

Before they raped my hair to blonde.

This is Cindy. 

Daren and Iris. 
Daren tends to be on her nerves and she counters back. <3

My hair been raped to BLONDE and Steffie...
 got her hair colored RED again! 

Fast forward to 2nd day of preparation;

The Red Riding Hoods. 

The Blondies.


Cindy and Lis Hia

Thats our outfit. 
Yes, i have a cape and i look like a superhero in it.


The BIG DAY itself! 

Our little entertainment. 


Lis Hia and her Breakfast. 

Our very own Mad Hatter in the house. :)

No one will believe this is Renee. :P

Nicole and I. 

Our camwhore session.

It was great knowing her!

On stage together.

Single file walk - I'm partially 1 eyed blind. :P

Group picture. :)

Backstage after the show;

The boys removing my front hair extension. :(

They had a hard time removing it. 
Super sticky glue. Ouch. 

Last piece taking off!

Jackie from SG. Hereena's Director ( Our hair coloring expert! )
She's super nice and recommends to have sundae cone with apple pie together!
Yummeeehh! :)

The EVIL Big Daddy , David Mercier.

Bill Watson from Toni & Guy, London.

Roy and I . He's Toni & Guy's technician guy
 a.k.a someone who knows whats best for your hair. :P
He did my hair re-construction. Super cute guy.

After the show, head over to KL City Walk 
and chilled at Emporium Grand Lounge Cafe, P Ramlee Road.

Thanks love for waiting for me the whole day.

Here's a kiss for you for waiting up.

3 weeks later, found this!

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