Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rio : The Movie ( Blue Bird that can't fly )

Was at Cathay Cineplax couple hours back for movies and busting some grocery items at Tesco, Curve with darling. Was itching to watch movie with him since it's Wednesday and it's MOVIE Day! Hell, RM6 for a movie per person. 

We decided to watch Rio and through the movie, it was really good! I had a good time laughing throughout the movie, need i say more? From the creators of Ice Age, it's a must watch movie for all young and adults. 

What's the story about? A blue bird named Blu that cant fly having a vacation in Rio and got lucky.  ;)

Here's some wiki of the movie, not going to ruin the story for you guy who have not watched it yet. Just a little parts of it. ;)

Rio (often promoted as Rio: The Movie) is a 2011 3D computer-animated film and Blue Sky Studios's sixth feature film. The title refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, in which the film is set. It is directed by Carlos Saldanha. The characters are voiced by Jesse EisenbergAnne HathawayRodrigo SantoroBebel GilbertoJamie Foxxwill.i.amTracy MorganGeorge LopezJake T. AustinLeslie MannJemaine ClementJane Lynch.

In a jungle near the city of Rio de JaneiroBrazil, birds of various species happily fly and sing, while a baby Spix's Macaw who cannot fly watches. Several of the birds, including the macaw, are caged by smugglers, and are taken to Moose Lake, Minnesota in the United States, during winter. 
The box containing the baby bird is accidentally left on the street, where it is found by a girl named Linda, who names him "Blu".
Fifteen years pass, and Linda now owns and lives in a bookstore with Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), who has still not learned how to fly. 
A scientist from Rio de Janeiro, Tulio, enters the store and tells Linda that Blu is the last male of his species, and he needs to take him to Rio, so that Blu can mate with a female to preserve the species. Eventually, Linda agrees.
Once there, Blu meets the female macaw, Jewel. Blu falls for her and at first tries to kiss her, but she gets angry because she is only interested in escaping. 
The shelter is then raided by smugglers, who are let in by the head smuggler's cockatoo, Nigel , who was posing as a sickly bird. Among them is Fernando, a poor boy with no family, who only helps the smugglers to earn some money. Blu and Jewel are captured and chained together, but manage to escape. As they flee, Nigel chases them through the slums of Rio. 
Just when Nigel is about to capture the macaws, he accidentally collides with a distribution transformer, causing a blackout
After losing Nigel, Blu and Jewel get lost in the nearby jungle.

So, head over to the nearest cinema and have a good laugh with this movie!

Movie rates: 9 / 10

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