Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Johnnie Walker's Party Drunk Moments

Bold. Stylish. Delivered in Black.

Having to be wasted this year's Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge was a complete disaster. 

Bloggers and friend's have not seen me this wasted ( like ever for any events before ! ) . So yes, people. I am not a drinking machine like everyone thinks. 

To be invited again this year  after our last round less than a year ago at The Swedish Marque. 

Yes, i appeared for a brief moment on the first 2 minutes smiling away. 

This time, it was held at The Palace of Golden Horses, Mines.

Myself,  My Disco King , my sayang's Kelvin and Faisal !

picture was stolen from Mike Yip. :D

My beloved disco king *ahem* fiancé was my date. No camera's this time because Kevin assumed the camera was load with the battery. Which was a good thing because if it was; I'LL BE DEAD EMBARRASSED FOR A MONTH OVER MY EPIC DRUNK MOMENT.

Drinks were pouring in like rain! Hey, who wouldn't be drunk that night? 

Dont believe me? It was the HIGHLIGHTS on my Twitter. Someone took the courtesy of making a hashtag and  named it #beingpaulinetrashed

My tweets when i opened my twitter account on TweetDeck: 

@discobala, @ashleighegoh n I had a great time messing w @beingpauline's hair when she was totally k/o from alco. Bwahahaha.

@zique Not lonely, @discobala was more like bored cos of you! And @beingpauline damn epic -____-

@WaLauWei @beingpauline 's epicness should be trending topic on Twitter la! Hahahaha!

@WaLauWei @beingpauline totally KO after running around downing people with a Black Label bottle -__-

@WaLauWei @ashleighegoh @beingpauline epic hashtag! #beingpaulinetrashed! LMAO ....

RT@ashleighegoh@WaLauWei And when she logs on @beingpauline will be a Twitter legend! #beingpaulinetrashed

RT @SamInsanity: Oh? Party goddess actually got wasted? ;D RT @ashleighegoh: @zique HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Kesian @beingpauline !

Trying to look at the bright side, everyone had fun and i woke up with one fake eyelash still sticking on my eye and the other one stuck on my hair. D:

and a missing waist belt. +.+''

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