Monday, March 28, 2011

Zouk 'Anniversary' + Girl's Nite Out !

Partied out at Zouk Anniversary last Thursday since I last stepped my foot at Zouk for Sam's 21st afro hair party last February. 

Ahh.. yes, Sam in afro and shades while i dress up like Daphne+Velma from Scooby-Doo.
What a nice theme dressing up retro.


It was a last minute party out plan. Thanks Mich for inviting me for a girl's night out!

The ladies cam-whoring while i was getting ready dolling up. OPSS!

We reached around 11.30pm ++ and we saw a huge dog deco and gummy bears! It was a great temptation to bring back the gummy bears. Yes, a few people actually took the gum gum bears home. It wasn't me!

We bumped into few familiar faces at Main Room. Saw Tim , See and Bella. I couldn't recognize the girls because of their masquerade but Tim was easily recognized. LOL.

Mich and Grace

Grace and I ( I was still a blonde last week! )

YaY! Mich <3 She's so cool to hang out with!

See, Bella and Tim 
( Never-mind Tim.. He loves See and that's the way he shows it to her.)

Did I mention Mich got hit on by a hot bisexual babe? Teeheee.. 
Here's their picture together! :D

She's cute, Mich! ^^

Candies were given out to party-goer's throughout the night. 
I couldn't help having 1 from Mich. <3

See what I mean? 


Went home TIPSY that night. 

Thanks Mich and Grace for the awesome night! <3 <3

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