Monday, March 28, 2011

TTDI Pasar Malam

I gotta say, being a Malaysian has it's advantage.

Have you guys ever been to TTDI ( Taman Tun Dr. Ismail ) night market? Another name for it how we Malaysian will called it 'Pasar Malam'. 

Night market's are always on the weekends night,except for Sri Petaling and Cheras ( Taman Connaught area ). 

One thing i really like about these night market's is it's CHEAP food!

No honey pot darlings, I don't always go for expensive foods as much getting it's privilege to do food reviews. I actually fancy 'pasar malam' food, especially the keropok lekor ( fish cracker ) which my fiancé hates it's smell so badly.

Back to the topic, our weekend out on Sunday night /dinner will be TTDI's Pasar Malam food ( been having that    lately except for the last 2 weeks, been busy with casting. ). 

The gotta try is always the curry puff like mini murtabak called Samosa. 

So, why don't head over to TTDI's Pasar Malam and check it out for yourself? Even better; you'll most probably bumped into me PIGGING OUT

Puttu Piring!! - Yaammm Yammm. It's recomended!
Fiancé munching on Samosa

Corns! Jagung Rebus and Jagung Bakar!
RM5 for 3!

The biggest beef patty i have ever seen. 

What's this?

ABC Rindu?

The biggest POPIAH you'll ever seen .

Guess what's this?

It's a guarantee by the time you have finish touring the whole street, your stomach will be so full filled with so much food from the night market!

We stumble across a cute teddy bear sitting on a Kelisa's front bumper.
Isn't it adorable?

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