Thursday, March 31, 2011

Silence of Tears

Meandering through the corners of the Eyes,
Few drops of liquid fall, 
Men called it Tears,
Pain, joy, fear and lovely memories all it expresses,

Following a line, crossing the cheek, 
Wetting the face, like drops of pearl they shine,
A silent symbol of pain, 
A testimony of mind's agony,
A natural catharsis of the emotional and physical stress,
A way to feel better, a path to solace,

Mr. heart gives the first signal when the river of tear is going to be on the high tide,
It may be the time you had a baby, it may be the time you met with an accident,
May be the time your loved one bid you a final goodbye,
May be you lost your puppy, May be you won a prize,
May be you lost a game after years of working hard,

Be it a joy or a pain,
Heart begins to feel heavy, face anxious,
Stimulating the tear buds, eyes experience a whirlpool
Often you try, but you can't control,
Tears are such, if they once start, you can't stop,
Defying all the laws of dynamics,
They break free the chains of eyes,
And start flowing till they dry,

Assumed as a sign of weakness, they are hardly those,
For they represent a source of strength,
For all I could do when I saw the distance between you and I growing,
Was to let these Tears answer everything,
Conveying all the love, all the grief, in few drops of water,

Now, when you are infinitely separated,
I have made a river of Tears,
and I sail my life-boat often in it, in times of desperation,
Searching you on the shores of memory,
Often I get your glimpse, often I don't,
I emerge out from it as a winner, defying all odds...
But still with few drops of Tears on my cheek,
As a mark that I miss you...

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