Friday, March 25, 2011

Movie Screening of The Eagle

Was cordially invited again by the lovable Advertlet member for yet another movie premier screening. This time is the yummilicious Channing Tatum new movie; 'The Eagle'.

With shitloads of talking through the movie. Um.. alright; I didn't bother about it much as I was drooling over Channing. 


What i can say is, throughout the whole movie, Jamie Bell does a spectacular job being Channing's slave and likewise Channing can't be a slave at all.. Hmm... I don't mind having both of them to be my slave!

Urgh.. Don't mind me, I'm dreaming in my own world again. God damn it! Who didoes want those two as slaves?!

A few bloopers in the movie if you pay enough attention but that's for you to find out where! 

Overall ratings; a 6/10 . 


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