Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ecoba 2011 Menu - Eat, Chill, oOgle

 Food review on Ecoba. *rawr*

Was cordially invited by Tim Chew *hail Tim,HAIL* for dinner at Ecoba tasting their new menu for 2011 back in December... 

So, dont wanna waste more time on my blabbering *bla bla bla*

Here's what i think of the noms noms. 

Ecoba – Eat, Chill, oOgle @ PJ Trade Centre

look at zeee new menu for 2011, senorita and senior.

first up; 

Kerabu Seafood Nusantara 
 Price: RM 23 
Money worth? 50-50

Note: This is the chef’s signature dish features squids, mussels, prawns and fish tossed with glass noodles. Added with kaffir lime leaf, ginger flower and served with mango salsa.

Crispy Calamari Salad 
Price: RM20
Money worth? Oiishii - des!Yumz! 

Calamari served with wasabi yogurt dressing. 

Ecoba Surf N Turf 
Price: RM55  
Money worth? Portion is huge. Well worth if you're planning to bring your date for fancy dinner with tight budget.

No sweethearts, you cant surf on this. Can't decide on meat or seafood? King prawns, salmon fillets, lamb cutlets and fillet mignon all grilled to sumptuous perfection. Served with a side salad and butter lemon sauce plus apple compote.

Spaghetti Arrabiatta 
Price: RM18
Money worth? Pasta lover? Go ahead!

Spaghetti served with a classic pasta sauce containing black olives, bell peppers, onions and grande padano. I have to warn you, it's a little spicy. ;)

Grain Fed Rib Eye Steak
Price: RM88
Money worth? A meat lover's dream come true! 

Jacket potatoes, grilled tomatoes and corn on the cob. 
Note: Portion featured here is double to feed all of hungry blogger mouths

Creme Brulee
Price: RM8 
Money worth? For the wins! Dessert freako like me will never say NO to this!

A classic French dessert paired with a kiwi mango compote. A modern twist to an old classic.

Crispy Mango 
Price: RM8 
Money worth? NO

There is MANGO in the popiah ....i could barely taste any MANGO.

High Voltage 
Its actually lychee's shooter. 
Woots, i like the lychee's.

meet Sarah

group picture to end this post. Toodles!

Ecoba is located on the ground floor of Block B at the newly opened PJ Trade Centre in Damansara Perdana.

Need Reservation?
Tel: 03-7710 1118 Fax: 03-7710 1119

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