Wednesday, December 01, 2010

touch the Nano Touch Watch

Sure it’s not a Tag Heuer, or even Bell & Ross but from the looks of it, I’d say this has got to be the smexiest timepiece that’ll get every person – 
and i'll say it again; SMEXIEST~
whether you're a fashionista, or a geek, 
could be salivating in your own shoes.

introducing the Nano Touch Watch *

watch the video, makes every geeks out there jizz in their pants. ;)

Acclaimed industrial designer, Scott Wilson, who designs for big labels such as Xbox, Nike, Dell, Microsoft, Apple and Steelcase, has put together his own company and churned out this smexy piece of functional artwork that’ll put every trendsetter on the edge of their seats.
He’s turned the fruity giant’s latest iPod Nano into the world’s first, coolest multi-touch watch + mp3 player!
His idea for innovating? A product that will get people saying, WTF is that??? And where can I get one?”
And to kick it all off, he’s introducing TikTok and LunaTik
For the budgeteers, the TikTok is a simple snap-in design, made of the same concept of ski-boots, it mounts the Nano onto the strap and turns it into an ultra-modern timepiece.
But if you’re a watch enthusiast, or have a zesty appetite for a slightly higher fashion statement in mind, then the LunaTik would be more appropriate. Probably forged by Chinese Space Cadets in NASA’s backroom, the LunaTik is made from Aerospace Grade Aluminium and machined via CNC into its final form. Obviously a premium standard, probably amongst the ranks of the pricier watches. Tag? B&R? Rolex? Meet the LunaTik Nano.
Wristy straps made from high grade silicone rubber and hardware of solid stainless steel, a far cry from some chrome plated brass that will wear off. QC will be of top quality and scrutinized very carefully by the same factories that produce the best watches like Nixon, Diesel, Vestal and Nike.

But before officially launching, Mr. Scott’s putting together his design team at MINIMAL, and is in need of funding to start together their line of top-notch design products. By pledging at least $25, MINIMAL’s offering pre-orders for TikTok or by pledging $50 to pre-order the LunaTik
And by pledging now, there’s also the Limited Edition, serialized, red-anodized LunaTik Kickstarter Backer Edition etched via laser of the designer’s signature, Scott Wilson.
TikTok will retail for $34.95 and LunaTik will retail for $69.95. 

iPod Nano not included. 
iPod Nano, Apple logo and Apple are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. 
TikTok will shipping to Backers by late December and the LunaTik by mid January.

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Note : to purchase the smexy watch above, please contact Derek Yap  . he would be happy to help. ;)

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