Wednesday, December 08, 2010

krispy kreme, starbucks & best friends

my weekend plan last week was girl's hang out with my sakai-sohai-bestest buddies / BFF since junior high. It's been awhile we last hang out together coz Aida's working internship for her bio-chemical-technology-i-can-turn-ppl-into zombie studies while pebbles been busy with her accounting job.

the girl's came over my place to see their niece. yes, my beloved baby girl is now 9 months! 
whats this? new food? *slither slither *

momma, can i eat aida up puh pleaz?

isn't she adorable? 


head over to Pyramid after the girl's squeal and adored baby.

chill out spot; Starbucks, Sunway Pyramid. 

0h! my outfit for the day; typical me. 

the moment we sat down; my eyes lands on a good looking chap *ahem ahem* yes, so what? i know i'm taken but it wouldn't hurt to look. ;)


our future crazy scientist, Aida

the nutcase

ordered my favorite triple C and sip on it like a baby wanting it's momma milk. the girls and i did a manicure session. i had a french manicure; looks exactly like my cam's casing. 

went for bikini hunt but didn't see anything in particular that i fancy. :(

well, looking at the bright side; i get to spend time with my best buddies since school days. 

krispy kreme!!! :D 

yam.. which one to choose? 

look at the choices! *squeal in excitement*

our dinner ~

time do flies fast, it's already 10 years.

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