Friday, December 17, 2010

beach getaway ♥ memory to remember.

A getaway trip from the city which i will remember for a long time. I fell ill after swimming at the beach.
Yea, epic great  isnt it?

Was bloody excited when we reach our destination at Damai Laut, head out for the beach the moment we drop our bag in the hotel room. Raj and Ann was following me behind while i was skipping like a little girl getting excited going to the beach. Raj had a short walk with us till he left to buy food for us. So it was only Ann and I strolling at the beach side. We were actually walking to the wrong side of the beach. Was looking for the main beach which was at the other side but heck, it was fun with no one around at side we're at. 

Here's the crazy cam-whoring session i snap from the whole trip. :)

On our freaking way to destination which i had no idea where at first, it was a surprise. 

So, snooze in the car for almost 2 1/2 hours. 

we arrived after 4 hours drive!

Raj happy face!

look at the view!

closest friend i ever had, Ann.

bed! drop imma stuff and run towards the beach! 

i <3 the water!

strolling on the beach. it's so peaceful :)

dip into the water and i fell ill after hot shower. KNS. 

Thank god i felt better after taking panadol. 

So i never learn my lesson; went to the beach again after having breakfast at the hotel which tasted like shit. 

set on 10 second timer and i had to run to Ann.

I'm gonna miss the beach. :(

Thanks Raj for the awesome trip! it's the most awesome vacation birthday trip, aside from your narcissistic attitude which i seem to be able to be immune to it by now. LOL

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