Monday, December 20, 2010

7aste partying like a rockstar.

The much anticipated event from mild seven. the 7aste event held at Hex&Mayfair. It was just wicked sick ! Aside the place was pretty hot as the place filled with the supporters of 7aste

Thank you so much for making me a part it, especially all thanks to Mike Yip for taking the effort to putting me in the VIP list. 

It is one of the most memorable nights ever, being came up by people and asked for autograph ( i am shocked! yes, i thought it was a random prank joke on me) and having to hear some couple banging in the loo. 

my oh my. look what alcohol can do to you. ;)

From The City That Never Sleeps

Harith Iskandar entertain the crowd with his best ever humor-me jokes. 
My personal favorite would still be the police traffic joke; 
if you get my drifts. ;)

Met DJ Nesh and Fellest at 7aste not knowing they were the performing artistes. Fellest entertained the crowd with his awesome signature moves while DJ Nesh spins the night with his very own style of music. Shit loads of Dubstep remixes. 

My kind of music; if i knew i would have wore my cargo pants and break it away. 

i told you so. ;)

Fellest and I - used to bumped into each other so often at Zouk and MOS dance-floor

Nesh and I - the only maestro i know that spins its very own style of music.
He doesn't spins commercial music like other deejay, that's what i like about him. 

Alan, Chloe and Felix came up to me when they saw me, less than 15 mins i enter the room. Happy to see familiar faces and bloggers. I was scared Ann would be bored. Yes, i care bout others. Sorry, i aint like those typical selfish attention bitch. ;) not mentioning able to meet Samantha K (twitter : yourbelovedbabe ) and Kelvin (twitter : zhlee7) !

Felix Pang and I -

Sam, Chloe and.. I dont remember his name. Sorry. My bad. 
Too many names to be remembered. :P

Esther and her friend. 
Meet her at the entrance while getting our picture taken.
Sweet girl!

Vandal and Nesh - 
Nesh is sweating like a chao chao dog entertaining the crowd. 

4 DSLR , anyone? 

Donovan Chan and his pudding. ;)

Mike Yip and I

Alan and I 

The awesome Andy Kho and Ann. 

Arthur makes it for 7aste! 

The cutest brothers ever. Effing sweet~

me like stephieee. :D
boys, go away.

lucky winner of the Ralph Lauren jacket - Sam!
Look at the bright side, Sam. 
U lost ur Christmas hat exchanged for a Ralph Lauren! 

my favorite pic. 
Jason Ong a.k.a Mynjaz K.O

For those who attended 7aste NY @ Hex&Mayfair, I hope you guys had the same fun as I did. 

Hope to see you guys at the next 7aste!


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