Tuesday, November 09, 2010

weekend party up

Nights with Joe, Chris , Ebell , Pearly and few of Chris friends on a Saturday night. Guess where did we head too? Zouk!

Was a little tired from my shooting and was only able to get home at 8.30pm, I was just about to land myself on my pathetic single bed which I seriously need to get rid off with the squeaky sounds it always made that annoys me more than the mice I have when I got a call from Chris informing me to be ready by 10pm as we were going to be picking up few friends on the way to Zouk. 

Heck, talk about resting.  So, I dolled up. wanted to try on fake eyelashes which it's a first time I'm putting it on myself .. eh...yes darlings, I don't wear them as I am not capable of putting it on myself as I don't know how... until purchasing a eyelash putti (it does comes in handy with it's cute stick!)

I noticed how big my eyes are with the lashes. yes, I'm a noobster for it. 
I ain't your typical drama queen bitch that knows beauty tips 101. ;)

After being picked up from my crib ( LOL, I make it sound bloody west side now ). Joe and I head to Bukit Jalil to pick Tasya up. We reached our location by midnight. 
The moment we got there, some idjit booked the whole Zouk mainroom. We could barely get a table even with our earlier reservation. 
Talk bout purchasing 40 ++ bottles and everyone starts bowing to you.

We managed to get sofa seats after one of Chris friend bumps into his buddy who works at Zouk.
After awhile , I spotted a familiar nice tight ass.. *cough*

I mean familiar face, I saw Yano and Darren. Went up to them and greet them and Yano called someone behind me and guess who it was? It was Ashley C


Chit chat and stayed awhile at their table and head back to mine to get a drink, turning back to look at them, the girls were missing. As usual. they're a such a dance machine. Talked to Darren asking him to join my table. The girls came back right on time and move to my table side. That's when the happy ending comes in.. uhh, i mean fun starts with Yano shaking her nice firm, perky tight ass in front of me with a lap dance. I swore every guys were looking at me wishing it was them . it was a very ( i mean very)  nice ass view for me. ;)
Ashley starts giving me a lap dance after Yano and I noticed 3 hot male Caucasian were looking on. 
Hey, i bet $50 everyone wants to be me for every moment the girls shakes their nice asses for me. :P

Tasya and I
The Boys.
yummies <3
Ashley ; hmm.. should i give Pauline another lap dance ?
Me: yes please!
Sam and I
party up!
Ash and her date, Derrick
Myself, Ebell and Pearly

A lil wacko moment with my insane brother
yes Ebell, it's yours to take. ;)

The night ends with the usual supper. Hope you guys had fun on your weekends too! ;)

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