Monday, November 08, 2010

summer woot?? splash final party - after

blogging this middle of the night, i seriously gotta do something bout my sleeping hours now. so here's something about a post i'm supposed to update after 2 weeks of being my own self forgetting about it. 

I'm getting more and more forgetful lately. FML

Summer Splash Final event was launch in 24th October 2010. The event was a pool party with alot of alcohol boozes , men half naked walking around with their wet trousers, girls were in bikini....
i am very much 110% sure i was looking at the girls in bikini more than the boys. heck, who wouldn't wanna see babes in bikini. :P

Wifey Bon-bon was there. :D
and she's hawt hawt.  

Headed to 1 Utama around 6-ish after picking up Sandy from her place. Then meet her friend who has super long hairlocks which looks like Rapunzel. 

The Nyonya food we had was not fantastic at all, the food services were bad. The food tasted like..umm.. well, lets say i'm not going back there to eat again.
waiting for our meal was like forever

Had time for wee-bit shopping for lingerie. I love my new undergarment. <3
After dinner with the girls, we head over the hotel for Summer Splash Final event. The music was blasting away and i meet wifey , few friend, acquaintances and new people. Heck, even my boss was there. 

meet my Desire club, Heritage Row boss, Kane.
Dude, he can party harder than anyone i know.

sandy and her friend

bumped into the cousins; Mark & Lantos
in the pool, waterproof cam comes in handy!

wifey bon-bon and i 

myself, bon-bon and chalam the keling 

eleanor and bon-bon

wifey bon-bon loves the water very much. :)

underwater cam shot! *hold breathe*

a must self-camwhore picture of myself. ;)

Vern and Mark grooving

Mark , Vern and Lantos

Mark looks much better with his hair long.
On the day itself, his iPhone 4 and BB went for a swim. BB didn't survive .

Had a little drama at the event as someone accused and spreading rumors i 'stole' her boyfriend at the event itself.  

Hun, he called it off between you two does not have anything to do with me. Nor i wanna be a part of it. I have so much better things to do than to be a part of your dramatic sad story.

FYI, i know your ex way before you know him. ;)
Note for you : I didn't even know you two were seeing each other before and broke off within a few days after, sorry i got close to your 'boyfriend' while you can even say; there's plenty more guys out there for me. Ops, i saw you busy getting all excited with the other boys at the event.  

I know how you felt but then; you don't need to start making stories i stole your guy just for sympathy especially to my bosses when the truth is your ex and i are just friends. 
I gotta say; i'm giving you credits for the fake sobs. LOL. 

Hilarious. i'm still laughing till today.

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