Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Passion 4 Fashion Event

it's been a week after Natacha's event last Wednesday. Sorry babe! I got writer's block and barely could write anything. Ops. Hehe. 

My bad. I hope you wont mind me posting this entry now! :)

The Passion for Fashion event was hosted by actor Josiah Mizukami and model Natacha Meunier on the 27th October 2010 at Bakita, Changkat. The event was celebrated with some of the M'sia top agents, talent scouts, directors, host, actors, photographers and models from JM Production.

The event was splendid as media people were surrounding the whole bar before midnight and anyone could barely walk, photographer's were everywhere trying to take funniest picture of yourself without you noticing. 

Poor Natacha was running errands all over the place without any rest while i see Josiah skipping happily entertaining people. * stares at Josi * You should be running errands, not Natacha. ZZZ

Yes darling Natacha, i had my fun and i wish you all the best of luck in Jakarta. I miss you already.  

Toast to  the  happy couples, Josiah and Natacha. Cheers!

Pictures will be post up soon!

how lucky this vain guy to have her. 


Josiah was born and raised in Hawaii. He's the founder of JM Production and currently the many faces of TVC adverts.

Natacha was born and raised in Paris, France. * Bonjour *

Natacha is Malaysia's Estee Lauder brand Ambassador and the face of Avon, LB Unique and many others. ;)

Please do stay in tune and check out they're soon to be released movie; 'M.I.A' starring Josiah M and Natacha M . :)

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