Saturday, October 02, 2010

Small wonder.Small wonder.Small wonder. My Cyber-shot® Digital Camera TX5

meet my hubby <3
Cyber-shot® Digital Camera TX5

got him not too long ago and he's been making me very happy ever since then. How? Why? I'll tell u why. :)
The Cyber-shot® TX5 has it all, from a stunningly thin 3/4" body to advanced technologies that make it easy to shoot gorgeous photos and videos. 
Aside from its remarkable intelligence, the TX5 is also built extremely tough.  ;)
Its airtight construction is waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof, and freeze-proof. 
Just slip it in your pocket and you're prepared to capture the world in style, no matter where you are.

Practically it's EVERYTHING-proof!

In case your wondering what else there is on this beauty, the Intelligent Sweep Panorama Mode reaches beyond the traditional wide angle lenses to let you capture expansive, breathtaking shots of landscapes or skyscrapers up to 258°7. Just press the shutter and shoot the scene with a sweeping motion. The camera automatically stitches up to 100 pictures together for you.

yeap; meet @zhlee7

WHAT ELSE? my favorite is the low-light shots. It has Great Low-light Shots Without a Flash ! How cool is that?!
Does it gets to your nerves sometimes a flash can wash out the scene of pictures you took that just breath-taking but it just had to ruin it out because of it's flash? Making it hard to capture the mood of the moment. For low-light environments, the back-illuminated "Exmor R" CMOS sensor delivers stunning performance and increases sensitivity by 2x to reduce noise. 

Shots around the night-view of buildings/ campfire / night-scene never looked better. ;)



Mike Yip said...

Can I use the waterproof camera?

I want to take some underwater portraits :D

Pauline T said...

sure, mike.

for you, anytime also can. :P