Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rock & Rolla @ Hennessy Artistry , Mines

Having to be in the line of media / event always has the
pro's and con's.

Ever since i stepped into event line (note: not a full-blommed full time yet);
getting invitation for both public and private has been pouring in like mad; over here,
I would like to thanks the one's who make the effort to invite me to your events humbly.

Hennessy Artistry was really not in my mind on that night itself;  
Natacha invited me to be her entourage date and it was pretty funny because Sam and I were fighting agaisnt each other for her to be her date for the night.

Natacha and i were located at P zone;where the celebrities were; having to meet Reshmonu once again was an honor. I even exchange thoughts with Stephanie Chai and Bernie Chan. Not to mention again; pulling Henry Golding's leg over the DKNY event we attend the night before.

Media was in the S zone mostly, the blogger community was in the O zone. Most of the top guns of corporate companies were located at V zone which overlooks the whole stage.

By the way, guess what? 
Caught Da Mouth's female vocalist and Mizz Nina lip-sync, like for real.
I believed the guy i bumped into was the one of the lad's from Da Mouth and i even bumped right into Kardinall Offshore at the backstage while going to the ladies. Yes, believe it or not; they even wrote VIP toilet. ZZZ

Having being dared to dance on the podium infront on 3000 people was ridiculous.Hey, wasn't my idea.

Liquor were served for us like it never finishes. It was a fantastic night as everyone was pumped out partying till the end of the show.

So, Yes. It was a great event; so much better than the previous one at Mist Club,it was ridiculously horrific and it was the worst ever at Mist (i'm sorry, i gotta be honest).

Cheers to Hennessy Artistry and hope to see you next round!

Pictures shall be uploaded on my next post. Cheerio!

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