Saturday, October 02, 2010

review of Devil - note: take the stairs after u watch this movie.

*head desk*

just realized it has been weeks since my last movie screening review. So, has anyone seen 'DEVIL' recently? 
No? think twice or thrice b4 watching this movie; i'm sorry if i offended anyone on this but it wasn't much expectation on this movie...except the fact that the elevator scene still scares the shit out of my wits. 

I was invited to watch the screening of 'DEVIL' at Cineleisure, curve; thanks to @marc_ky and United International Pictures Malaysia.

yes, if u spotted someone wearing all green color at the screening, 
that was me. i got a thing for green that night. ;)

I couldn’t really share much about the story or else it would just reveal what’s happening. All i can say is this movie is a supernatural thriller which would make you think but not think too hard.

Not a movie that everyone would definitely love and support; but if you like thrillers & fan of M.Night Shyamalan, you can give it a try.

My Rating for this movie is 2.5/10.

All i can tell you is that the storyline premise is classic Shyamalan: On stormy day in Philadelphia, five strangers enter a high-rise office building downtown (for various reasons) and happen to get on the same elevator. Said elevator gets stuck, and while the building’s staff and some cops try to get the stranded passengers out of the elevator car, the passengers themselves begin to experience strange and deadly occurrences that set them against one another.

hey, imagine this happens to u in the elevator.

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