Monday, October 04, 2010

jason ng and his pubic hair.

Ah ha! Gotcha! i knew the TITLE would get ur attention!

Well; minutes ago, i was pretty much spring-cleaning my drives, starting off with pictures ( YES, A CAMWHORE LIKE ME HAS SHITTY-LOADS OF PICTURES in HER DRIVE! ).

i stumble across few pictures;

-picture of Patrick Oliver and his MINI me. LOL. This one is hillarious, it was his birthday gift.

awww.... look at Patrick's happy face. 

isn't it cute? It even look exactly like Patrick so much!

-2nd ones, pictures of Ann and I on our photo-shoot ; behind scenes and funny moments.


Victoria Eve and William Ng - the so-called proposal. 

last and not least.....


had to retouch makeup; got scolded for eating and smoking. :(
why? i smudge my make-up. :P

-lastly, a picture of Jason and his pubic hair... LOL ;just kidding, it's him at the salon, straightening his hair! 

friends of Jason Ng, this is your picture of the week to annoy him off. :D

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