Saturday, October 23, 2010

DKNY & Belvedere Vodka - Music x Fashion

DKNY teamed up with Belvedere Vodka to present the latest collection featuring Joey G & the hot Denise Keller. 

Of course, what better way to present a preview to the collection than by having a party! And what’s a party without vodka! And with local star-DJ Joey G spinning his tunes, it was a spanking party indeed!

Despite being lost looking for the place and not to mention the horrendous jam, the beautiful people of KL came out to party the night away with Belvedere Vodka and DKNY. All the guests were fashionably. 

The usherer's were good-looking models dressing up as PILOT. *yummy*
Drinks were pouring in all night long. The ladies were all looking fine and the studs were all charming and good looking. Thank you for the wonderful evening,everyone and hope to see you  again for the next fashion meets music. Cheers.

With Raj Aria, Sam and Chris

my cute lil stool made our of cardboard, 
sitting down next to JoJo Struys. 

bumped into DJ Funkzu

Natasha and her model entourage.
Josiah was not able to join due to shooting on the next morning.

Sam being all Charlie Angel. ;)

Michelle Lee with Joey G. 
Note: He's the sweetest guy ever. Dont believe the crap he's a jerk.

It was Belvedere all night!

The models of DKNY's party up with us;
they're one hell of party animal!

Ford Malaysia Top Model; Wilson, that's Alan with the pilot suit.
Yes, on the background is the DKNY model being all cheeky. 

Group picture with the bloggers.

Yours truly, the babes of Advertlets.

It was a blastful night. Joey G and I chatted about a dear friend of ours and Raj trying to sneak back a huge bottle of Belvedere. He failed. Right after the Fashion Meet Music event ends, we partied at Aristo, Zouk with the top guns of Zouk and the Managing Director of Zouk Malaysia.

Hell, i think all my friends was tipsy. Especially Chris. 

Me? Sober ! 
The Crew Pass!

Aristo; i might throw my birthday party here. Its not packed at all. Perfect!

These are the goodies from DKNY;
are you delicious enough?

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