Friday, October 22, 2010

Dinner @ Chili's, Mid Valley

Question; Can Margarita get you high?  
My answer; Yes.

Surprised? Yuh, that's what happened when you tried drinking it like Slur-pee
Yeaps, i got brain freeze. Wasn't nice at all...Talk about my JAW pain. >.<

Had dinner at Chili's with Teresa and chilled there. I was surprised to bumped into my high school friend who's recently stationed there. Congrats on your promotion as Restaurant Manager!

Random pictures pouring in. 

chill out at Starbucks while waiting for Jason & Donovan. 

i look like a flower girl with this top. 

it's fun playing with my cam.

yumm yumm! my salmon tasted great with side order of mash potato!

i got high on this; how cool is that?!

Partiban & I

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