Friday, October 08, 2010

Chic POP: Street Market is back!

Are you ready to blow your whole allowance off?

Chic POP Street Market is here again!
On the 9th of October, 2010 (Saturday), at TTDI Plaza.

Be expected to see fellow blogger Esther ( Twitter: ) at her booth “Dirty Pretty Things”!

I know, the name sounds kinda cheesy wheezy.
Oh! She might even throw discount for you if you're her readers! How wicked is that?! >w<

Expect to see these fantastic vendors on the day:

Expect to see these fantastic vendors on the day:

An Old Flame:
Baci Boutique:
Black Milk Project:
Bunny Noo:
Clothes For Fun:
Dirty Pretty Things:
Emmy Cubic:
Itsy Beadsy:
The Kooky Thing:
Like Igloo:
Lush Serendipity:
Mimpi Murni:
Mizu Closet:
No Plain Days:
Past & Present:
Peep Boutique:
Pestle & Mortar:
Phat Culture:
Quirky Brown Cow:
Soak Republic:
The Aura Gems:
The Brollies:
The Click Shop:
The Eff Bombs:
The Survival Store:
Things Eye Made:
Trendy Confessions:

See you guys there! Cheers!

Chic POP: Street Market 5 is organized by Tongue in Chic 

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