Sunday, August 01, 2010

floppy lil surgery

meet floppy.

  ello - effie's a ball phyton..sshhhhhh~
few days ago, i did a surgery on her. noticed she had a tick stuck on her which many people think its a skin rot which is NOT at all. 

i actually googgled it out and thank god it wasn't wood mites. phheew! 

*wipes sweats*

removing it for the first time when i hold her, she opened her jaw wide and turn to look at me. 

i knew she didn't like it. very much

had to smother her and make her trust me that i'm not harming her... (uh, in a way i was removing the tick.. i am hurting her..)

removing the tick was really tough as most breeder & snake keepers would not agree to use fingers. so, i used a tweezer. 

took me like god-knows-how-many-times i tried removing it. yeap, its a huge 
BIG-ASS tick stuck under her scale.

after like 6-7 times trying to remove it, i finally did it. floppy stayed still &  hold the pain when i removed it,i was afraid she would bleed and tick's head still stuck in her scale, which she can be prone to have open wound and infection, i applied Vaseline (petroleum jelly).

she was happy once i removed it,she slithers around my hand happily & looked at me,gave me a peck on my lips when i hold her close to me. :)

i <3 reptiles


fer said...

OMGah! you have a python. thats hot! i have a scorpion. (: reptiles are awesome!

Pauline T said...

reptiles r so much better! :D