Saturday, November 07, 2009


officially 21.
(legally can enter casino n gamble already.)


thanks so so much for the surprise birthday!! 


was really unexpected. 

 dinner treat with sexy SAMSUNG boy on my birthday.

his identity still remains anonymous. 


tequila shot. 
( i'm getting there after having too much..)

soon after, adam came with his friends. unexpectedly 1 'rombongan' from semenyih came. 

thanks loves!

had a flaming Lambo on the house from BLUE-i Entertainment.

lucky me i had leslie and adam to finished it up or else i cant even walking in straight line. 


thanks Rafiz.

(my plan was not getting drunk but somehow everyone's trying to make me maximum tipsy)

looks familiar?

MC Ant from Poppy Garden. 
(yes girls..  *drools* he's cute.)

waking up next morning without any hangover




Siang said...

sorry i could not make it to ur 21st birthday. glad u had a blast!

Sue Ann said...

hola babe! happy belated birthday!

Pauline T said...

thanks for the birthday wishes guys!

siang- its ok bro. u were back hometown la...